Young Courtesans Videos

young courtesans videos

When this young and sexy coed finds another pile of bills in her mailbox she realizes that the only way to handle the situation is get out on the street. She looks like a cheap whore in those fishnets and pink top-boots, but who cares when this guy in a luxurious sports car pulls over and asks her to show him her tits. No wonder she ends up hopping in and getting assfucked right on the hood somewhere in the fields. Being a horny anal slut finally pays off!

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Daddy gave this silly 19 y.o. blonde his car for a ride, but she didn’t even bother asking if it had enough gas to drive out of the city and back. Now when the tank is empty and her cell phone is out of service her only option is taking a mouthful of cum from this horny driver she met at a gas station in exchange for a few gallons of gas. Getting fucked on the hood by some horny douche – that’s the story her dad will never hear from his little angel who really enjoyed selling her pussy for cash.

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This cute teeny loves chatting with total strangers online, but her eyes hurt so much after spending a few hours in front of her old monitor. She has no money to get a TFT, so when one rich guy comes up with an offer to buy her a new monitor if she sleeps with him she just can’t say No. Yeah, this naughty young courtesan better suck that big creamy cock good if she wants a flat 19-inch one and make sure the guy really enjoys fucking her tight wet pussy. What a great deal!

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This hot party girl is used to men buying her drinks in the clubs and asking her to have sex for cash, so when she runs out of money and this guy from a dating site comes up with an offer she agrees with no hesitation. Him having a great body and a beautiful tireless cock becomes a pleasant surprise and she enjoys both fucking itself and a cash reward he gives her before leaving. If being a courtesan means getting paid for doing what you really enjoy than she found her calling.

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This young student is so poor she can’t even buy herself new makeup and she doesn’t have any rich friends to borrow some cash from. Luckily, her Internet connection is still working and she decides to find herself a sponsor. The guy has a great athletic body and a big hard cock, and he just loves fucking naive teen courtesans who place their ads online. Boy, did she enjoy getting her pussy filled with hot manmeat and filling her bathroom with new shampoo and shower gel bottles!